IMS productions: a video company from North Carolina to all over the world

Since 1972, IMS productions is a video company based in Asheville that believes in dreams, creativity, and emotions. These are the values that push IMS productions to work constantly with the goal that this video company of North Carolina can always be up to expectations.

Different skills for the best output

Creating videos requires different skills. Computer skills and technical skills blend with creativity and art. The harmony created by the dynamic union of sounds, words, and emotions, leads the user to dive into the story. Involving the user, this is the ultimate goal. This is why the video company based in Asheville wants to get to know its client, wants to discover the details, unveil the nuances and understand their origins.

Emotions do not need skyscrapers

IMS productions was founded in 1972 by MaxPaul Franklin. The first videos were mounted from the back of his car: emotions do not need big skyscrapers. Now the video company of Asheville has grown and it works not only in the United States, but all over the world. The great experience of North Carolina video company team members has allowed IMS production to create stories through videos in more than 120 countries.

Storytelling to create the magic

Storytelling is the cornerstone of North Carolina video company's strategy. The art of telling stories is present in every culture, since ancient times. IMS productions combines the technique of storytelling with creativity, passion and competence to tell stories and emotions that seem to almost transport the end user into a new world. As in a fairy tales.

A video company from North Carolina with a great team

The core team of IMS productions consists of three great minds that make the chemistry between their brains, their experience and their hearts their point of strength. In addition to MaxPaul Franklin, founder of the video company in Asheville, there are two brilliant minds: Andy Lee and Naomi Lee.

With a gifted eye able to find every little detail, Andy Lee is a magician in juggling emotions and feelings, being able to find the strategy to tell them in the best way. For this reason, he always starts from the depth of the essence of the customer and get straight to the heart of the final users.

Naomi Lee, Senior Producer, is the expert in empathy of the Asheville video company group. Different cultures, distant social realities, even language barriers do not scare her. Driven by a deep curiosity, she bases her strategy on giving and receiving: she loves feeling the emotions on her skin and then telling them in a great story. And what can succeed better than a video?