IMS: the video producer up to your expectations.

IMS productions is a group of Video producers based in Asheville, North Carolina that have the objective to create videos through special techniques that allow to merge words, images, emotions and music until they reach the perfection.

Founded in 1972, IMS productions has been operating for more than 40 years, keeping pace with the latest fashions and vibes, without losing the deepest authenticity of creation. It is with this mood that IMS video producers approach the meeting open to live, discover and experience clients’ atmosphere, visions and, above all, history.

Empathy and creativity; a brand’s key elements

Thanks to experience, techniques, sensitivity, empathy, and creativity, IMS video producers of North Carolina are able to create videos that fully involve and engage users.

Some of the most famous brands have chosen the skills of the video producers of Asheville of IMS in order to tell not only their own story, but also their emotions and the people who behind an organization, a company or a brand.

Video producers from North Carolina to all over the world

The strategy of the video producers of Asheville has its roots in the deep desire to help customers to communicate, to transmit, to tell. Although video producers are based in North Carolina, they have worked with customers of all over the world. Numerous brands located in more than 120 countries have chosen IMS production without any kind of linguistic, cultural and social barriers. The IMS technique is based on storytelling as a tool to excite, instruct and engage the user and the video producers of Asheville. They speak with a universal language: the heart’s one.

Dive in the story

Dynamism, change, excitement, emotions are key words for the video producers of IMS in North Carolina. The dynamism within the narration is what allows the user to get surrounded by the story and so to be able to fully enjoy the sensations that the video has the ability to transmit.

Three video producers from Asheville with no boundaries

The IMS productions core team consists of three great video producers based in Asheville.

These three personalities, different and complementary, travel on the same wavelength to make sure they can create the best contents. Through teamwork, Andy Lee - CEO - Naomi Lee - Senior video producer - and MaxPaul Franklin - founder - manage to get to the essence of their clients, thus creating unforgettable stories, videos and sensations.